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At Intiaro, our primary goal is to optimize our clients’ ROI. And the best possible way we can do that is by bringing cutting-edge technology to the online shopping experience. The 21st-century consumer has come to expect maximum customization, and in the age of online retail and increased e-commerce, enabling customers to visualize your products in their spaces isn’t just helpful, but essential.

3D visualization and augmented reality are the future of online shopping, which makes us early adopters of the technology for retail purposes. Our helpful apps give your customers the showroom experience they’re after, and then they go one step further. By allowing customers to see your product right in their own living space, you’re going above and beyond other manufacturers and retailers. It’s not about staying on-par with the competition — it’s about surpassing expectations.

Your company’s success comes from your quality home furnishings. So it’s only fitting that we offer you a top-tier experience as our client. Our team, headquartered in the furniture capital of the world — the Triad region of North Carolina — has a wealth of experience in working side-by-side with companies to increase their sales and improve their customer experience. Because, at the end of the day, we don’t just sell a product — we enter into partnerships with manufacturers and retailers across the globe to help them soar to the top of their niche market.

Interested in learning more about what we can bring to the table? Let’s start a conversation. You can give us a call at +1 336 697 6677, email us at business@intiaro.com or contact us online to set up a free consultation. Join us as we explore the future of visual commerce.

Intiaro platform

Intiaro sectional configurator

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We create business opportunities for furniture retailers & brands
to generate the highest roi using product visualization technology

Digital showcasing is
the easiest way to increase sales


Consumers that search online for a product before purchase


Consumers whose buying decisions are influenced by interactive content which allows them to engage and learn more about the product


Consumers who say that companies need to have cutting-edge digital technology to keep their business


Consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services


Average increase in sales of configurable items


Reduction in product visualization cost


Faster sales & product specification process

Enable better floor planning, Increase retail floor space

Significantly decrease
amount of returns

Increase consumer

Easier content

We help you choose the right tools for your business needs

Choosing the right digital technology can be a complex decision, as there are cost considerations, technical integration issues, and timelines for when your investment generates a positive return.  We’ll make sure you have the 3D tools you need (not more, not less) to meet your business needs.

To match the right tool from our platform, simply select your business need or objective below and see which Intiaro functionality (or maybe more than one) is highlighted.   Let’s start the conversation!

Let’s talk about:


Intiaro WL Showcase

Augmented Reality viewer app

Visualize and build your furniture in 3D. View in your own home using AR technology! Download WL Showcase for mobile devices and try it out.

Arrange a 30 minute presentation

Within 30 minutes we will show you how Intiaro system works and how it can help in running your business.
We will show you, who is already successfully using our solutions and what makes it a success.
All of this we will do for free!

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Case Studies

Ethan Allen

The first full scale catalog implementation in the home furnishings industry

The Ethan Allen inHome app gives thousands of designers and countless consumers access to the complete Ethan Allen product catalog, allowing them to build their dream! Designers and their clients can use the Intiaro app to create immersive multi-item previews of final room arrangement including furniture, accessories and even wall coverings and window treatments. This allows designers to shorten their sales cycles and be more efficient specifying products in their everyday work.

Lexington Home Brands

The most complex yet easily operated configurator in the world; a product specification and pricing engine with infinite combinations

The Lexington Home Brands’ Personal Design Series (PSD) is one of the most successful customizable upholstery programs in the home furnishings industry. So their demands were significant, and Intiaro rose to challenge. With over 2,000 fabrics and finishes, multiple options for arms, seats, and legs, and even more details like welts and cords, this 3D configurator is the most ambitious implementation of any such application in the world. We’ve created a seamless web and mobile experience from LHB through to retail websites and mobile devices in the retail space. Retailers and Interior Designers can now create product tear-sheets straight from a visual configuration and even preview a uniquely configured item in the customer’s home.

Vanguard Furniture

Intiaro brings one of the fastest and clearest versions of 3D visualization to date to Vanguard Furniture.

Due to Intiaro’s innovative approach to technology, Vanguard now has the capability to set up a full, 3D virtual product photography scene in the cloud by generating an ad hoc 360 photography session and setting up lighting conditions and camera parameters. It accomplishes this by using technology that traces individual rays of light. The session is executed per request for each customized furniture piece. By tracing individual rays of light, Intiaro is able to produce photorealistic 360 visualizations in a matter of seconds. The key benefit of this technology is that on top of providing a fantastic visualization experience and great flexibility when managing the product life cycle, the total cost of ownership is much lower than traditional photography or traditional 3D rendering services offered on the market today.

Visualisation Platform

Intiaro helps
furniture retailers & brands transition their products into the digital world

Configurator & pricing engine

The most advanced yet easy-to-use configurator for furniture and home decor products, built based on your exact business rules. Create and share personalized custom furniture to help interior design professionals, in-store sales associates, or for use in other applications.  Features a combination of our 3D visualization and AR integration models as well as our 3D model exporter and pricing engine.

Start configuration

360 Viewer for web and mobile

Intiaro allows you to generate compelling photorealistic visualizations in no time. You can build unlimited quick and easy configurations with 4K zoom functions, 360-degree rotations and top-down views thanks to our simple API.  With our cloud-based technology, you can create a consistent end-to-end shopping experience without extensive development and accessible anywhere that you have internet access.


Arrange a 30 minute presentation

In just 30 minutes we can demonstrate how the Intiaro system works and how it can help you increase customer engagement and sell-through. We’ll also share some examples of national and regional brands that are successfully leveraging the Intiaro platform through both B2B and B2C channels.

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Augmented Reality

See individual products or view whole room settings as they would look in your customer’s home. Augmented Reality (AR) provides a confidence-boosting tool that speeds up purchasing decisions and builds order value.  Available via a dedicated AR app or through our app-less browser-based platform that can be used directly from your web page.

Digital Marketing Content

Build authentic room suites and render them in a photorealistic style to capture your customer’s attention. Constantly refresh your portfolio by leveraging an endless range of styles and design options, allowing for an infinite range of possibilities. Create stunning marketing materials without the need for expensive photoshoots.

3D Modelling Services

We make sure that our 3D models are accurate representations of the items you have worked hard to build and perfect.  We pay special attention to textures and the smallest of details to future-proof your 3D assets. We make the 3D product life cycle simple.

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Contact Us

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We build the world’s best visualization and configuration tool set for furnishing products

Create a captivating brand experience to engage and convert your audience.

A new platform that has already attracted hundreds of interior designers from a wide range of disciplines across the US.

Visualization has become an expectation for the end consumer in today’s environment.

We felt Intiaro offered the best option for sectional configurations.

DesignerBoard3D is a technological breakthrough, offering several unique features that come highly requested by interior designers and showrooms that aren’t available anywhere else.

Providing a complete digital furniture experience

Digitize your furniture portfolio to 3D with our 3D modeling expertise, 3D configurator with pricing module, hybrid 360 renderings, 4K visualizations and our augmented reality app.

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Visualization technology with a proven ROI

Give your retail sales team the tools to increase sales and lower returns. Provide transaction-ready tear sheets and exceptional digital storytelling capabilities.
Significantly reduce your costs for realistic product visualization and content management. Leverage these assets on mobile, web and even other third-party e-commerce platforms. Utilize your assets on mobile, web and other major 3rd party e-commerce platforms and deliver these captivating customer experiences both in-store and at your customer’s home.

Arrange a 30 minute presentation

In just 30 minutes we can demonstrate how the Intiaro system works and how it can help you increase customer engagement and sell-through.  We’ll also share some examples of national and regional brands that are successfully leveraging the Intiaro platform through both B2B and B2C channels.

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One size does not fit all

We know your success depends on the unique products and services that define your business. With our years of experience in digital showcasing, we can custom-craft a cost-effective visualization solution that is optimized for your specific business and its growth opportunities.

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