Now, it’s easier than ever for brands to get their product idea on the market quickly and easily.

Every brand knows the dilemma — you have a perfect product concept and can’t wait to take it to market. But there’s always a risk involved with this process. For one thing, to start selling a physical product, even just in a test market, there are a plethora of overhead costs involved. From production to shipping and handling, testing a product in a physical store comes with the same sunk costs that a full product launch does, just scaled down.

However, in the digital age, many brands and retailers are finding ways to work around this. It’s only logical, right? You, like many other brands, already have a full online listing of your inventory and up-to-par e-commerce capabilities. So why are physical test markets still considered a necessity?

That’s where 3D visualization comes into play. Intiaro provides top-tier 3D and augmented reality technology to brands and retailers who are choosing to revolutionize the way they sell and market their products. And that includes cutting down drastically on overhead costs like manufacturing and shipping.

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With our 3D solution when you have a solid idea for a product that you’d like to test before going to mass production, you no longer need to produce and send out hundreds to thousands of physical units of inventory. You don’t even have to make a prototype! Customers can view your new product on your site in a full 360-degree spin and in their own homes via our augmented reality applications. It’s about time you discover the cost-saving and time-saving benefits of 3D.

At Intiaro, we provide brands like Lexington Home and Ethan Allen with custom AR solutions that tailor to their unique needs. You can digitize your furniture portfolio using our helpful tools like 3D modeling software, a 3D configurator with pricing module, hybrid 360-degree renderings, 4K visualizations and a handy augmented reality app. Contact us today to get started!

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