Intiaro helps
furniture retailers & brands transition their products into the digital world

Configurator & pricing engine

The most advanced yet easy-to-use configurator for furniture and home decor products, built based on your exact business rules. Create and share personalized custom furniture to help interior design professionals, in-store sales associates, or for use in other applications.  Features a combination of our 3D visualization and AR integration models as well as our 3D model exporter and pricing engine.

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360 Viewer for web and mobile

Intiaro allows you to generate compelling photorealistic visualizations in no time. You can build unlimited quick and easy configurations with 4K zoom functions, 360-degree rotations and top-down views thanks to our simple API.  With our cloud-based technology, you can create a consistent end-to-end shopping experience without extensive development and accessible anywhere that you have internet access.


Arrange a 30 minute presentation

In just 30 minutes we can demonstrate how the Intiaro system works and how it can help you increase customer engagement and sell-through. We’ll also share some examples of national and regional brands that are successfully leveraging the Intiaro platform through both B2B and B2C channels.

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Augmented Reality

See individual products or view whole room settings as they would look in your customer’s home. Augmented Reality (AR) provides a confidence-boosting tool that speeds up purchasing decisions and builds order value.  Available via a dedicated AR app or through our app-less browser-based platform that can be used directly from your web page.

Digital Marketing Content

Build authentic room suites and render them in a photorealistic style to capture your customer’s attention. Constantly refresh your portfolio by leveraging an endless range of styles and design options, allowing for an infinite range of possibilities. Create stunning marketing materials without the need for expensive photoshoots.

3D Modelling Services

We make sure that our 3D models are accurate representations of the items you have worked hard to build and perfect.  We pay special attention to textures and the smallest of details to future-proof your 3D assets. We make the 3D product life cycle simple.