We create business opportunities for furniture retailers & brands
to generate the highest roi using product visualization technology

Digital showcasing is
the easiest way to increase sales


Consumers that search online for a product before purchase


Consumers whose buying decisions are influenced by interactive content which allows them to engage and learn more about the product


Consumers who say that companies need to have cutting-edge digital technology to keep their business


Consumers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services


Average increase in sales of configurable items


Reduction in product visualization cost


Faster sales & product specification process

Enable better floor planning, Increase retail floor space

Significantly decrease
amount of returns

Increase consumer

Easier content

We help you choose the right tools for your business needs

Choosing the right digital technology can be a complex decision, as there are cost considerations, technical integration issues, and timelines for when your investment generates a positive return.  We’ll make sure you have the 3D tools you need (not more, not less) to meet your business needs.

To match the right tool from our platform, simply select your business need or objective below and see which Intiaro functionality (or maybe more than one) is highlighted.   Let’s start the conversation!

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