Ethan Allen

The first full scale catalog implementation in the home furnishings industry

The Ethan Allen inHome app gives thousands of designers and countless consumers access to the complete Ethan Allen product catalog, allowing them to build their dream! Designers and their clients can use the Intiaro app to create immersive multi-item previews of final room arrangement including furniture, accessories and even wall coverings and window treatments. This allows designers to shorten their sales cycles and be more efficient specifying products in their everyday work.

Lexington Home Brands

The most complex yet easily operated configurator in the world; a product specification and pricing engine with infinite combinations

The Lexington Home Brands’ Personal Design Series (PSD) is one of the most successful customizable upholstery programs in the home furnishings industry. So their demands were significant, and Intiaro rose to challenge. With over 2,000 fabrics and finishes, multiple options for arms, seats, and legs, and even more details like welts and cords, this 3D configurator is the most ambitious implementation of any such application in the world. We’ve created a seamless web and mobile experience from LHB through to retail websites and mobile devices in the retail space. Retailers and Interior Designers can now create product tear-sheets straight from a visual configuration and even preview a uniquely configured item in the customer’s home.

Vanguard Furniture

Intiaro brings one of the fastest and clearest versions of 3D visualization to date to Vanguard Furniture.

Due to Intiaro’s innovative approach to technology, Vanguard now has the capability to set up a full, 3D virtual product photography scene in the cloud by generating an ad hoc 360 photography session and setting up lighting conditions and camera parameters. It accomplishes this by using technology that traces individual rays of light. The session is executed per request for each customized furniture piece. By tracing individual rays of light, Intiaro is able to produce photorealistic 360 visualizations in a matter of seconds. The key benefit of this technology is that on top of providing a fantastic visualization experience and great flexibility when managing the product life cycle, the total cost of ownership is much lower than traditional photography or traditional 3D rendering services offered on the market today.