Continuing on the same positive trajectory that has helped propel them through 2020 and the pandemic, Intiaro has been announced as the winner of Vestbee’s 2020 CEE Scaleup Challenge. 

Known for providing high-quality 3D visualization and augmented reality services for major names in the furniture industry from Ethan Allen to Lexington Home, Intiaro was one of many startups competing in the challenge. 

“It’s an honor for our company to be recognized for our work ethic and commitment to innovation,” said Intiaro CEO Pawel Ciach. “It’s another indicator that we’re on the right track, and that we need to continue pushing forward with new ideas.”

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Vestbee is a major networking platform for startups and scaleups that receives support from a global community of VC funds, corporations, business angels and accelerators such as Amazon, HubSpot, InnoEnergy, Engie, Credo Ventures, Next Road Ventures, Tera Ventures, EIT Digital and SABIC.

A pioneer in online startup events, Vestbee hosts the CEE Startup & Scaleup Challenges, which are among the world’s leading startup competitions. Vestbee also provides tools for startups to manage fundraising in one place, and allows for significantly increased access to key investors. 

Recently, Intiaro launched a new platform for interior designers called DesignerBoard3D. Intiaro saw a need in the design industry for 3D tools more specifically tailored to their needs. By using the same technology from Intiaro’s 3D configuration platform, they were able to create a new platform that has already been well-received by designers across the U.S. 

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