2021 is a red letter year for visual technology of all sorts — from video calling to 3D visualization and augmented reality. Another prominent area that is seeing rapid adoption from a variety of industries is visual search. Beyond this technology’s use by search engines, furniture companies and retailers are also starting to optimize their websites to better suit visual searches.

To put it simply, visual search just makes sense. Particularly for industries where style is a primary consideration. That’s why one early adopter of visual search, according to Forbes, was the fashion industry. Most recently, Furniture Today reported that City Furniture had added visual search to their website to make it easier for customers to find their desired products.

What is Visual Search?

This handy new search tool uses artificial intelligence to search with images instead of text. For example, if someone takes a picture of a piece of furniture they like the look of, say a leather sectional or floral-patterned armchair, they would be able to take a picture of those items and use those images to search for visually similar furniture. In some cases, visual search is accurate enough to find the exact product itself.

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So, how does 3D visualization help optimize your inventory for visual search? It’s pretty simple, really. By rendering your products in 3D, as opposed to 2D product photography, you create a more “spatially accurate” image of your product. This means that it doesn’t matter what angle you take your picture from, because a 3D product model is visible from all angles.

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