Supply chains are a tricky consideration for any sales strategy. Especially for retailers or brands who outsource production, there are often many steps between product creation and the end user of that product, which is why any good sales strategy must account for the full spectrum of the sales path, from inception to closing. Luckily, 3D visualization is a priceless tool that can make the space between sales and manufacturing much more manageable.

The importance of visualization technology for increasing sales cannot be overstated. AR apps and 3D products serve as a vital tool for sales representatives, but they’re so much more than that. To understand the role they play, it’s imperative that other key players in furniture sales aren’t left out — namely designers and showrooms.

As discussed in our previous article, 2021 is projected to be a red letter year for interior design, inspired in no small part by the exponentially increased amount of time that consumers have been spending in their own living spaces. This provides furniture manufacturers and brands with a golden opportunity to boost sales — but in order to capitalize on it, they must ensure that they’re making the designer’s job easier in the process.

With market growth comes harder work, which means interior designers across the country are going to be searching for new ways to optimize their workflow and save time. In order to help designers present their concepts, manufacturers will have to do more than provide generic 2D product photography. Designers already use a wide range of 3D programs, from SketchUp and Revit to Chief Architect, so it goes without saying that simple 2D files won’t help them present their ideas in detail. 

The missing link is — you guessed it — 3D visualization. Luckily, Intiaro’s suite of products, which includes AR apps like Ethan Allen inHome and Lexington Home Brands Design Pro and website-hosted 3D product customization, is custom engineered to help meet these unique demands. 

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DesignerBoard3D, a platform that uses Intiaro’s 3D technology, but specifically for interior designers, gives them the ability to create custom 3D renders which they can then download for use in mood boards or other 3D applications. It also boasts a unique customer’s-own-material feature, providing essentially limitless fabric overlay options for interior designers.

Brands who use both Intiaro and DesignerBoard3D will bridge the gap between their products and interior designers by making it easier for designers to use their products in 3D renders, which in turn helps them present their concepts to clients in greater detail. That’s a winning strategy for a time where interior design is king. 

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