When 2021 started, hopes were high that the new year would bring new opportunities. Not just for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also for new product lines and designs to bring to the upcoming High Point and Las Vegas furniture markets. However, while many still predict that the pandemic will end this year, the immediate future is still uncertain, leading to these trade shows being postponed once again. 

But for many who have been following the path of digital transformation, this doesn’t represent a lost opportunity. Instead, it provides a new and exciting challenge for brands to face head-on: virtual presentation. 

The concept of virtual presentation can be a bit daunting at first. What does it even mean? Is there just one way of doing it? How can it supplement your physical presentations? Thankfully, in practice, the difference between physical and virtual presentation isn’t as drastic as one would assume. For starters—if you’re good at engaging audiences and in-person meetings, those skills are easily transferable to a virtual audience. Simply make sure you look directly into your computer’s camera to simulate eye contact, and keep your space clean and your tone engaging. 

When it comes to furniture markets, though, unfortunately it isn’t that simple. While good inflection and eye contact can go a long way, it’s no substitute for seeing the real thing. That’s why making sure that your products are accurately and attractively presented is absolutely crucial. And the best way to do that is with high-quality 3D visuals. 

3D Visuals and Virtual Presentation

Intiaro has been a leader in the 3D visualization industry since their beginning in 2018. Leading brands like Lexington Home, Norwalk and Century have placed their trust in Intiaro to represent their products digitally. And it’s obvious why—Intiaro’s top-tier development and visual team represent a wide range of collective experience, from product rendering to game design

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If you’re presenting your products virtually—whether that’s through an actual, scheduled webinar or meeting or through social media, you want to put your best foot forward. That’s why 2D product photography often isn’t enough to do the trick. 3D visualization allows you to present your furniture in a 360-degree view. And with Intiaro’s applications, you could even use augmented reality to allow customers to view your products in their own living space, complete with accurate scaling and maximum customization.

As we all await a return to normalcy and the familiar buzz of activity that comes with furniture markets, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of tools available for you to continue bringing the aesthetic quality of your furniture to life with 3D visuals. In fact, all trends point to 3D visualization continuing as a core component of product marketing well beyond the pandemic. Isn’t it time you gave it a try?

Give us a call at +1 336 697 6677 or set up a meeting with our team today. There’s no reason anyone should be deprived of your fine furnishing just because the markets have been postponed. We’ll develop a unique 3D strategy specifically for you.