It’s no secret that gaming visuals and the overall quality of graphics have both experienced previously unimaginable levels of progress within the past few years. And when you consider the driving force behind it—a widespread competition to come out with the best, most engaging graphics available, it makes sense that these innovations would follow.

You don’t have to be a prolific gamer to notice these changes, either. When Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in late 2018, social media channels would be flooded with screen grabs of stunning landscapes and detailed combat sequences even a full year later. 

That’s why it’s important for any company that works in a visual industry to carefully study the success behind the gaming industry. Here at Intiaro, we took things one step further by using the creativity and tech-savviness of developers who have worked in gaming themselves. In fact, Intiaro’s unique augmented reality applications for brands like Lexington Home and Ethan Allen are only possible because of the innovations made popular by AR games like Pokémon Go. 

One great example of our innovation in the field of visualization is the way we leveraged our developers’ experiences in gaming to give Vanguard Furniture the ability to stage full 360-degree virtual photography sessions entirely online. This provides a much faster rendering process than more traditional rendering services.

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Intiaro’s Development Team Leader Kacper Świętkowski helped break down the reasoning behind this surprisingly intuitive merging of industries. “Gaming and product visualization developers both have the same goal—to come as close to reality as possible. In gaming, this approach is called physically based rendering (PBR), and its function is to mimic the way that light behaves in nature. Both real world materials and their virtual counterparts share the same properties like smoothness, texture, glossines and more.”  

Other industries have also caught on to the importance of leveraging gaming technology to improve their visuals. GMC recently announced that their new Hummer EV will use the Unreal Engine gaming hardware to power the displays throughout the vehicle. The Unreal Engine is one of the gaming industry’s leading game engines and is behind such hits as Fortnite and Final Fantasy VII. 

Intiaro recently introduced a new platform geared towards interior designers—DesignerBoard3D. While this platform uses the same technology that Intiaro employs for their visuals, there are now several new opportunities for innovations. A few unique new features available on the DesignerBoard3D include full COM functionality, order-ready spec sheets and 3D downloadable assets for use in other platforms like SketchUp and Revit. 

Want to know how Intiaro’s vision for the future of graphics can result in tangible benefits for your company? Give us a call or set up a meeting with our team today. We thrive by tackling unique challenges with creative and tech-based solutions.

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