Answering the call for technology that goes above and beyond the current standard for 3D rendering, Intiaro has developed something authentically new and innovative.

When your clientele is primarily high-end brands, no matter the industry, you find yourself challenged in ways that other companies aren’t. And that’s ultimately what leads to the most cutting-edge developments in commerce and technology. Our relationship with Vanguard makes for a great case study in support of this hypothesis.

When we originally approached Vanguard, we weren’t coming to the table empty-handed. Far from it — we were bringing along our reputation for user-friendly, affordable and easily configurable product visualization. However, in the same way that Intiaro approaches software as an ever-evolving field that requires new ideas, Vanguard was also looking for something new.

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Since necessity is the mother of invention, and because we knew Vanguard was a brand we wanted to work with, our developers got to work on a system that would bring something new to the furniture and 3D visualization industry. What we came up with was a revolutionary combination of the latest advances in CGI hardware and our own unique Intiaro 3D Cloud platform technology.

“For the first time, we have the capability to set up a full, 3D virtual product photography scene in the cloud by generating an ad hoc 360 photography session and setting up lighting conditions and camera parameters,” Intiaro CEO Paweł Ciach said.  “The whole session is executed per request for each customized furniture piece. By tracing individual rays of light, we are able to produce photorealistic 360 visualizations in a matter of seconds. The key benefit of this technology is that on top of providing fantastic visualization experience and great flexibility when managing the product life cycle, the total cost of ownership is radically lower than traditional photography or traditional 3D rendering services offered on the market today.”

Vanguard President Andy Bray was equally excited about the opportunity to meaningfully enhance the brand’s customer experience. “3D visualization is rapidly becoming a necessity when it comes to furniture shopping,” Bray said. “So in order to stay ahead of the competition, it’s imperative that we do more than match their online tools. We must constantly be creating new and improved tools for our customers.”

Intiaro’s General Manager for the U.S., Richard Sexton, also added “there are so many compelling business advantages to leveraging 3D visualization — from the significant cost savings of using virtual images to increasing ordering efficiency through systems integration.  It’s clear that the return on investment goes beyond a better customer experience.  It’s far-reaching throughout the organization and so we are delighted that Vanguard can realize these benefits”.

Vanguard is the first company in the industry to benefit from this technology, but many more of Intiaro’s customers will follow shortly.

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