After being postponed again due to the continuing pandemic, High Point Market has a new date for their spring market—June 5-9. But it’s Premarket that’s got so many vendors excited this year. Happening from April 25-27, at least 244 showrooms have planned to participate in the spring Premarket, which has excited enthusiasts and vendors alike. 

Intiaro was fortunate enough to attend both the fall market and Premarket, which gave us a front-row seat to experience the effective and convenient safety features set up to accommodate the unique demands of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Long before the fall Premarket started, the hashtag #HPMKTSafe gave attendees a glimpse of how their wellness was being accounted for, which helped to put their minds at ease. 

Anxiety surrounding the pandemic was still high during the 2020 fall market and premarket. There was still no end in sight, and vaccines were still in testing. Even then, though, the High Point Market Authority stepped up to the challenge with mask requirements, temperature checks, and, of course their hashtag. 

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Heading into spring of 2021, things look much different. Not only have swathes of the US population already received their vaccinations, but cases continue to steadily decline, pointing to (hopefully) a full and safe reopening some time in the summer. And in the meantime, going out while socially distancing is safer now than ever before. So while we’re also excited for the return of live shows and regular socializing, we’re also looking forward to a slight return to normal and a well-attended spring Premarket and market. We’ll see you there!

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