In our last blog post, we highlighted some of the positive trends in furniture and 3D visualization markets. And in that short time, we’ve already seen new signs of growth emerge, combined with promising economic indicators for stakeholders and prospective investors. It’s no surprise, then, that many of these latest trends still stem from COVID-19’s lasting economic impact.

In a recent article, Furniture Today reaffirmed the prevalence of augmented reality in modern eCommerce environments. Not only is this visual medium perfectly suited for furniture shopping, but it also helps customers see firsthand how a particular product fits in their current living space. This results in a more fully-optimized ROI for manufacturers, because it cuts down on potential returns. 

Additionally, residential furniture and interior design is experiencing unprecedented growth. According to a recent MiBiz article, many of today’s professionals believe that remote work will become a new normal. And, by all accounts, there’s little reason to doubt that remote work is going away any time soon, at least on a mass scale. It’s entirely possible that the norm for work in America will now be a hybrid of in-person and remote work. This means that home offices, and residential furniture in general are going to continue to rise in demand.

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According to the Home Furnishings Association, the recent passage of the American Rescue Plan by congress will likely provide relief for a variety of industries that experienced supply chain disruptions during the height of the pandemic, including the furniture industry. One of the primary functions of the American Rescue Plan is to invest in American infrastructure, which had already been suffering before the pandemic began. This new investment in the economy will hopefully provide manufacturers with new opportunities to make up for lost time.

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