Once considered a fancy gadget for the tech-savvy, AR is rapidly becoming a necessity for online storefronts.

You produce a unique line of quality home furnishings. Your sales staff is great at their job, and your marketing efforts are hitting the mark. It seems that every factor to consider is going in your favor, but sales remain stagnant. And while sales professionals at your stores are great at their job and your product photography may be on point, today’s consumer has come to expect something a bit more involved when it comes to their shopping experience: customization. Especially with the more recent insurgence of online retail due to COVID-19, alternatives to physical showrooms are even more important.

Since the launch of the world wide web several decades ago, commerce has been undergoing one of the most dramatic revolutions in human history. Amazon and eBay both completely changed the game when they were launched relatively recently, but it’s hard for many of us to imagine life without them. The newest commodity on the market, though, is augmented reality. Augmented reality is everywhere today, from virtual changing rooms provided by online clothing retailers like GAP to the hit AR game Pokémon Go.

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What you might not know is that augmented reality has also been transforming the furniture industry. In the same way that virtual changing rooms have changed the way consumers shop for clothes, augmented reality can allow your customers to visualize their ideal living space layout. It’s just one more tool that brands can use to fend off any potential for buyer’s remorse.

At Intiaro, we provide brands like Lexington Home Brands and Ethan Allen with custom AR solutions that tailor to their unique needs. You can digitize your furniture portfolio using our helpful tools like 3D modeling software, a 3D configurator with pricing module, hybrid 360-degree renderings, 4K visualizations and a handy augmented reality app. Contact us today to get started!

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