You’ve probably heard about 3D visualization and all of its amazing features. Maybe you’ve considered investing in the technology – but you worried that the cost might be too high. What if it turned out that using 3D photography could actually save you money?

Guest post by Katherine Prengel.

Switching to 3D visualization tools can make a serious difference to your bottom line. That’s because the technology can save you money on marketing, prototyping, processing orders, and even on design. At Intiaro, we work with companies like Ethan Allen and West Design to create innovative, cost-saving approaches to business. Here’s how we do it.


Let’s be honest – working with a photography studio can be a hassle. Finding a studio with the right expertise, and picking a photographer who understands your product, is a time-consuming task. Then you’ve got to arrange shipping and/or pickups. 

You’re also going to experience some sticker shock with traditional photography. It’s not unusual for a studio to charge $150 per hour, or $1,200 a day for still images. In all likelihood, you’ll be paying more like $200 an hour or $1,600 a day if you need 360-degree images. That’s not even accounting for the cost of shipping.  Once you pay to print ads, you’re looking at a very significant outlay indeed.

That’s why companies like Vanguard have chosen to move away from old-fashioned print photography and go with Intiaro’s 360 spins instead. It’s been a resounding success for them – and it could be for your business, too.

The 3D Difference

Using 3D visualization means that you’ll unlock enormous flexibility in marketing. The technology allows you to create high-quality rendered images of many different product configurations.  You can create images of countless product options, and then test those configurations across your different marketing channels, evaluating which approach works best when it comes to appealing to your customers.

With this 3D imaging capability, you’ll be able to generate thousands of different visuals with ease, and try them out on your website for a fraction of the cost of a comparable marketing approach in traditional media. In other words, you’ll be paying less and receiving far, far more. At Intiaro, we’ve helped clients like West Design Group use digital prototypes and get great results.

Prototyping and design

The traditional prototyping process is both costly and time consuming.  Creating a physical sample can be expensive, especially since you may have to build multiple versions before your customers approve.

With 3D visualization, you can bypass that whole process. Augmented reality allows you to try out different possibilities and run them by your customers. That way, you can make sure that your customers approve of the plans before you get started buying materials or making your product. This also makes it likelier that your customers will be satisfied with the product – meaning that you won’t have to deal with costly returns.

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Home décor, made simple

Augmented reality also makes it easy to help your customers select the right pieces of furniture for their homes. The technology allows them to try out different layouts so they can literally see how the furniture would fit in with their existing home décor.

Using AR in this way will save you money, time, and effort that would otherwise have been spent on home visits to your clients. In the age of COVID-19, of course, home visits are simply an impossibility. That makes AR all the more valuable as a tool.

Ordering with ease

At Intiaro, our technology even makes it easy to order products. Instead of having your staff manually process orders, you’ll be able to generate and process those orders automatically. The factory will receive your specifications automatically, eliminating the need for costly human-to-human interactions. We’ve worked with Lexington PDS to set up their order handling in this way, for example.

Final thoughts

Sometimes, businesses hesitate to adopt new technology. They worry that it will be costly, or that it will take time to learn how to use. In this case, however, neither of those issues apply. Intiaro’s 3D visualization system is easy to learn – and it will actually save your company money, while providing a much-needed service.  


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