Even as things have been slowly returning to normal, this year’s spring High Point Market still looked a bit different. As of June 2021, the U.S. was still restricting international flights from Europe, which meant that our employees at the Warsaw office in Poland were unable to attend the market in person. However, that didn’t stop Senior Account Representative Karol Wróbel from making an appearance to visit clients and prospects. 

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that remote work is easier now than ever. And now, that has extended to the sales and client relations field. Intiaro used a videoconferencing robot that Karol was able to control remotely from the Warsaw office, enabling him to make appointments and quick visits to various showroom locations throughout downtown High Point with relative ease. 

The presence of the robot drew a lot of curiosity, as well. Buyers, showroom employees and other attendees would regularly stop our team to ask questions about the robot, and by Monday, it had already gained quite a reputation. In addition to being a convenient way for Karol to attend the market, the robot was quite a conversation starter.



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As this year’s spring market wrapped up, the Intiaro team reflected on their experience with the market, noting that it felt like a return to normalcy as vaccine rollout has increased and COVID-19 cases continue to decline. 

“Even though international travel may return soon, this was a convenient way for me to check in with clients and prospects to add a personal touch,” Wróbel said. “Besides, since we’re a technology company, it made sense for us to use the latest innovation in remote conferencing to make it happen.” 

Victoria Burkholder, the Designer Coordinator for DesignerBoard3D, Intiaro’s designer-oriented 3D visualization platform, had similar feelings about this year’s market. “High Point Market may not have been the same this year, but it didn’t stop the creative inspiration! The overall community felt excited to be surrounded by textures, influential designs and conversations with fellow designers.”

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While Karol and other team members from Poland plan to attend the fall market in person, this was certainly an interesting and exciting experience. At Intiaro, we hold a philosophy of constant innovation. Want to know how that philosophy can help you optimize the way you display your products online? Give us a call today at +1 336 697 6677 or fill out our contact form above to set up a meeting with our team.

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